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About Our Company

AliaWeb is a professional software company, which focuses especially on creating and operating Internet applications. AliaWeb was founded in the year 2000, when it merged with the Softec Servis Company, which was engaged in the same activity since the year 1996.
The activities of the company are further based on the experience of its CIO Mr. Antonín Foller, who founded the well-known software developer server www.motobit.com.

Among the main products of the company you can find managing the largest information servers in the Czech Republic - www.kurzy.cz and Slovak rep. www.kurzy-online.sk which contains parts with real-time data and a large database of economy information.

Further the company developed already its third version of an advertisement system for the automated display of advertisements on the Internet, which fulfill the most demanding client requirements; software robots, which support market maker quotations on capital markets, and many other software solutions.

The AliaWeb capital is about USD 650.000. The company is registered in the Czech Republic and has its main offices in Prague. The company has 15 employees.

Contacts: Jan Hrebicek – CEO jan.hrebicekaliaweb.cz
  Antonín Foller – CIO antonin.folleraliaweb.cz
Address: Baarova 3a
  Prague 4
Telephone: 241 485 232-4
Fax: 241 485 235
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